What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Double Chin?

None of us really wants to see a double chin looking back at us from the mirror. So are double chin exercises the only way to combat this extra part of your body you’d like to get rid of, or are there other alternatives?

Now while you MAY want to blame on your parents if this problem runs in the family, there are other causes, and thankfully, other options for getting rid of your double chin.

Chewing Sugar Free Gum

Believe it or not, there is one simple thing that can be quite effective at helping you get start to rid yourself of a double chin… and that’s chewing gum. Other forms of double chin exercises often imitate the same movement you make with your mouth and jaw while chewing gum. That makes chewing gum a good first step in reducing the size of your double chin. It’s important to make sure you only chew sugar free gum though, or you’ll be undoing all of the good work the exercise is doing for you.

Another Option

Chin exercises incorporated into your daily routine whenever you can fit them in are a great option. Doing activities like looking at the ceiling and stretching your chin for a few seconds every half hour have shown to tighten loose or excess skin around the jaw area. Short bursts of these exercises done throughout the day give better results than one long session.

Or Cosmetic Surgery?

The one method of removing a double chin that works immediately of course is opting for cosmetic surgery. While it’s a fairly common procedure these days, it can be too expensive for many people.

The problem most people have with alternatives alternatives such as double chin exercises is that they all take longer than surgery before you can see visible results. But the thing to remember is that by making small changes to your diet and doing some simple exercises, not only will you be saving thousands of dollars on surgery (that you can spend on something else), but your entire body will start to feel more healthy as well.

So if you hate the idea of having a double chin, but you’d like to avoid the cost and risk of surgery, some simple exercises, improving your posture and switching to a healthier diet are the best way to go.

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